Softform Premier Active 2 Clinical Information
Softform Premier Active 2 Clinical Information

The Softform Premier Active 2 was the first of the hybrid mattresses to come to market. It comes from a long heritage of specialist high specification foam led designs and has the option of the air cell function from underneath the castellated foam interface, offering unrivaled levels of comfort and pressure redistribution.  

A retrospective analysis of the use of the Softform® Premier Active 2 in an NHS Trust

The identification of appropriate pressure-redistributing mattresses, to achieve positive clinical outcomes for patients and incorporate financial considerations for organisations is a challenge for healthcare staff. Pressure-redistributing equipment selection algorithms are often used to guide clinicians. An online survey was undertaken to determine the selection, application and effectiveness of the Softform Premier Active 2 mattress and a retrospective evaluation of its use over a 12 month period was carried out based on the equipment selection algorithm within an NHS Trust. The objective of this research was to review the effectiveness of the implementation of the Softform Premier Active 2 mattress for patients with grade III and IV pressure ulcers.

Evaluating the effectiveness of pressure-redistributing equipment for the best clinical and financial outcomes

The data presented in this article suggest that overprescription of pressure-redistributing equipment is a problem for healthcare Trusts, which could have a dramatic effect on both clinical and financial outcomes. Both an acute and community trust were identified as over prescribing their pressure relieving equipment and savings that could be made are as much as £91K per annum

Use of the Softform Premier Active 2 in a brain injury unit: No incidents of pressure ulcers in 4 years

The Central England Rehabilitation Unit (CERU), offers neuro rehabilitation to adults following acquired brain injury - a national centre of excellence it’s been established for over 20 years. This state of the art 42 bed centre is recognised as one of the leading units for providing patients with specialist rehabilitation.  

Adopting a model of change for hospital pressure ulcer prevention

Published guide that to makes the case for implementing effective prevention and management measures and may be supported by data from any care setting. As well as economic impact, it is important to appreciate the impact of interventions on patient quality of life and outcomes.

Achieving effective outcomes: monitoring the effectiveness of the Softform Premier Active mattress

This article reports on an audit undertaken within a primary care trust to determine the clinical and cost effectiveness of the Softform Premier Active mattress.  The maintenance, purchase and appropriate use of equipment requires a multi-professional approach. The audit indicates that despite significant age, chronic illness and palliative care needs, the Softform Premier Active mattress offer clinical, practical and financial benefits.

Softform Premier Active Mattress: a novel step-up/step-down approach

When a patient is at high risk, the nurse steps-up a patient to a higher performing mattress, such as from a static foam to an APAM;
and vice-versa when a patient’s risk status decreases. This paper considers an evaluation of the Softform Premier Active mattress where in the past a fully dynamic mattress would have been selected.  The results show that over a period of several months, that a wide range of patients with varying diagnoses and dependencies can be successfully nursed – providing nursing interventions are holistically tailored to suit the individual patient needs.

A clinical audit of the Softform Premier Active mattress in two acute care of the elderly wards

This article reports on the findings of a study which was carried out to compare the effect of the Softform Premier Active mattress (a foam mattress with a dynamic, alternating underlay), versus a standard air mattress on pressure ulcer incidence in two acute, care of the elderly wards over a six-month period. The results revealed a pressure ulcer incidence of 8% in both groups, which was considered to be unexpectedly low in such a vulnerable, high risk population. It was concluded that the Softform Premier Active was as effective as the standard air mattress in pressure ulcer prevention, but had the advantages of dual functionality and lower cost.