Softform Premier
Softform Premier

The Softform Premier has a long heritage in the in the acute and community environment and there have been various reviews of its performance for the prevention and healing of pressure ulcers.

The Effectiveness of High Specification Foam Within an NHS Community Trust

Worcester Health and Care NHS Trust equipment algorithm recommends the Softform Premier and Softform Premier MaxiGlide mattresses in line with the NICE guidelines.  The appropriate prescription of high specification foam is effective for the prevention of pressure ulcers for the Very High Risk individual and for those with existing superficial pressure ulcers

Barry's Story: A customer experience of the Softform Premier mattress

Barry is a 64-year-old Lecturer in Engineering at Aston University who had a tragic accident in 2013, he spent a total of 7 months in hospital, being discharged home in August. This piece review's his experience of the mattress in his home. 

A Static -led approach to effective equipment management

The aim of this article is to give and insight into the provision of pressure relieving products in an Primary Care Trust where consensus of opinion among TVNs is that a static-led approach is the most economical approach to pressure care.  

Pressure area management: a static-led approach

This article highlights the action taken from the time the patient risk level is identified to matching them up with the most effective pressure relieving equipment available both clinically and financially. 

The role of education, technique and equipment in pressure area care

The article aims to reflect on the successful management of pressure ulcer equipment within a district general hospital. Insight is given into what is considered an effective, efficient and economic use of static and dynamic mattresses, underpinned by a fundamental education package into pressure ulcer management and prevention techniques.