Example of mattress strikethrough
Example of mattress strikethrough

Strikethrough Resistant Technology (SRT) is a polyurethane-coated specialist textile that has been developed in collaboration by Dartex and Invacare to offer unbeatable chemical and abrasion resistance for mattress covers in a medical setting.  Mattress life is extended and cover replacement costs at audit are vastly reduced. SRT ensures safe infection control for the patient and can make significant financial savings to a NHS Trust budget.

SRT Guide

An overview to understanding exactly what SRT is and how it can save money and offer clinical benefits at the same time

Strikethrough Resistant Technolog: a possible solution to mattress audit failures?

Since January 2012, mattresses supplied with Invacare’s Strikethrough Resistant Technology™ (SRT) fabric have been in constant, heavy use throughout the hospitals in Glasgow. These products are regularly audited. Compared to the national average failure rate of 27%, the audit results revealed an annual replacement rate of approximately 1.9% for Crib 5 and 0.7% for Crib 7 covers. Failure was due to rips and tears rather than the small-scale damage traditionally associated with mattress strikethrough. There have been no reported product failures due to strikethrough. One SRT Crib 5 and one SRT Crib 7 cover were randomly selected and sent for testing at Dartex Coatings Quality Assurance laboratories after 3 years. Results across key performance indicators show the products still performed as well as the day they left the factory.

Pressure ulcer prevention using Strikethrough Resistant TechnologyTM

Pressure ulcer prevention is high on the list of priorities for the NHS, the cost of pressure ulcers to the NHS is huge and investing in pressure ulcer prevention plans makes financial sense to a service which already has huge demands on spending. This article discussed how SRT covers can be part of the initiative in making savings and reducing the incident of pressure uclers.