Pressure Relieving Mattresses

Invacare offers a range of clinically proven pressure redistribution mattresses for patients at all risk levels. From basic support and comfort to fully therapeutic systems the Invacare range has something to suit every patient and budget. With a long heritage in designing and manufacturing mattresses for the acute and community market, Invacare are leading experts in high specification foam surfaces.


High Specification Foam Overlays

Designed to sit on top of an existing conventional mattress Invacare overlays provide a high level of patient comfort with excellent pressure redistribution abilities.

Heel Protection

After the sacrum, the most common site for pressure ulcers is the heel. They are particularly at risk being a bony prominence and the Achilles tendon has poor blood supply. Specialist devices for heel protection and heel off-loading are now commonly used for the prevention and healing of heel pressure ulcers. 

Pressure Relieving Accessories

Pressure Relieving Accessories

Invacare offers a range of pressure relieving and positioning devices that can be used to alleviate pressure and add to patient comfort suitable for various parts of the body.