With more and more Pressure Ulcer Prevention initiatives being put in place around the UK and each one delivering great results, Think Pressure Care has brought them all together on one page.

This page gives you easy access to some great initiatives that have been put in place to reduce pressure ulcers in both the acute and community sectors. Take a look and get some inspiration to help raise awareness of pressure ulcers in your trust/ organisat

Learning To Stop The Pressure

NHS Midlands and East launched their 'Learning To Stop The Pressure' back in December 2012 and explains how everyone has a specific role in preventing painful and distressing pressure ulcers. The campaign is now managed by NHS Improvement under the leadership of Dr Ruth May, Executive Director of Nursing and forms part of a key ambition to support the improvement of standards of safe care.  The web page clarifies what YOU need to do and know about pressure ulcers and gives instant access to all relevant learning resources. For further information, please visit http://nhs.stopthepressure.co.uk/


NT9 Leamington Community Team

The team from Leamington have found a fantastic way of raising awareness of the very important topic in a light hearted way with fun and laughter had by all involved. The team have used the well known 'Stop right now' song and cleverly changed the lyrics. Take a look...

React to Red Skin

React to Red Skin - a pressure ulcer prevention campaign that is committed to educating as many people as possible about the dangers of pressure ulcers and the simple steps that can be take to avoid them.  Many pressure ulcers are avoidable if simple knowledge is provided and preventative best practice is followed.  This campaign endeavours to provide some simple solutions to some of the challenges and also provide education to people about the five key things that they can do in order to help reduce the risk of an individual developing a pressure ulcer.  For more information see here

SKIN Bundle

One of the first programmes launched in the UK was the SKIN Bundle. Piloted in Wales in early 2009, the bundle consists of a group of interventions to ensure the correct assessments, training, systems and processes are in place. The implementation of the bundle proved very successful and has now been rolled out to the rest of Wales and also in other parts of the UK. The trust has put together a free Pressure Ulcer Prevention Pack and a number of resources for others to use. Take a look here

There are now many similar initiatives all over the UK

NHS Choices

NHS Choices is the UK's biggest health website, offering a raft of information on any subject relating to health and well being. They offer some great basic guidance on pressure ulcer causes and prevention and link to many other related  topics see here for more